Working title: Going Outback.


A baby is seen hanging over the edge of its crib. The baby sighs, and speaks in a gruff man voice, “Yep, I got busted. You wanna know why?” the baby glares to the side. “Apparently riding the family dog like it’s a small horse is SO frowned upon in this establishment!”

“Honey, did you hear something?” a woman’s voice can be heard off-screen.

“No, maybe it was the baby?” a manly voice speaks back.

“Googoo gaga?” the baby fakes. After a brief moment of silence, the baby turns back to the camera. “So, yeah. I’m just a lone ranger… with the TV remote.” The baby picks the TV remote up out of his crib and clicks on the TV, which is showing the newest season of Total Drama. “Hey, why don’t you watch this? It’s supposed to be really cool.”

(Cue the Theme Song)

A bright yellow plane with the Total Drama Outback logo painted on its door is shown flying through the air. The door swings open and reveals Chris Mclean in his usual get-up, only now sporting an old western cowboy hat.

“Welcome to yet another season of Total Drama, y’all!” Chris grins. “This season, we’ve got sixteen teens to torture in the Australian Outback! There will be drama, romance, and more on Total… Drama… Out-,” the plane suddenly hits some rough turbulent winds, sending Chris right out the door.

“Oh, craaaaaaaappp!” Chris screams as he falls. After hitting every possible thing you could when falling thousands of feet into the Australian Outback, he finally hit the ground at the production site, at the feet of a brunette intern.

“Nice of you to drop in.” the intern snidely remarks. Chris shoots her a glare and stands, brushing himself off.

“Don’t get smart with me, Stacey; I can easily send you back to Julie.” Chris threatens.

“Go right ahead! In fact, I encourage you. I’d rather be back at home with a mother who cares about me; not a father who drags me halfway around the world for the summer!” Stacey retorts.

Chris smirks, “On second thought-,”

“Uh, I hate to interrupt this Father-Daughter chit-chat, but we’re kind-of on a schedule here.” The cameraman interrupts.

“Oh, right, thanks, Mark.” Chris turns to Stacey. “At least someone can be helpful around here.” He walks over to a conveniently parked ATV and rides it off into the Outback.

As he rides, Chris explains the show, “Okay, so you’ve all got the basic gist of the show; sixteen teens, here, in the Australian Outback. They’ll be competing in challenges and eliminating the competition until only one of them remains. That person will be the recipient of three million dollars!” Chris pulls to a stop in the middle of the Outback, seemingly untouched by mankind. “This seems like a good spot.”

Chris hops off the ATV as the sound of a helicopter hovering overhead begins to sound. Chris grins. “Looks like our contestants are beginning to finally show their faces!”


  • The baby at the beginning of the episode is a parody of the E-Trade baby.
  • Chris's implied ex-wife, Julie, is a reference to Julie Berry, the ex-girlfriend of Survivor's host, Jeff Probst.